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Project abstracts are a primary source of information regarding the status and progress for LRI’s currently funded projects. These abstracts are provided each year by the principal investigators as a key part of their research agreement with LRI. Links to abstracts for each of these projects are located at the end of the project titles in the list below. Archives of final abstracts submitted for all completed projects can be found using the link located under the Search field to the right.

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Current LRI Research Project Portfolio: 14   


Project DescriptionPrincipal
Advance Understanding of Consumer Exposures: Predictive Models for Generating Exposure Estimates
Exposure to Selected Preservatives in Personal Care Products: Case Study Comparison of Exposure Models and Observational Biomonitoring Data from a CEFIC LRI Project   (pdf) Aylward, Lesa Summit Toxicology
Analysis Of Pooled Banked Blood Samples to Augment Chemical Risk Assessment Prioritization Using High Throughput Screening   (pdf) Aylward, Lesa Summit Toxicology
Improving Exposure Models and Integrating Exposure and Risk Information for High-Throughput Chemical Screening (Prioritization) and Higher Tiered Assessments   (pdf) Arnot, Jon ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc.
Integrate Hazard and Exposure to Assess Risks from Chemicals: New Tools for Linking the Data
Evaluation of Reverse Causality in Epidemiological Associations Using PLETHEM   (pdf) Yoon, Miyoung ScitoVation
Using the Liver Bioreactor to Incorporate Rapid Metabolism Testing in Toxicity Testing Strategies   (pdf) Phillips, Martin ScitoVation
Population Life-course Exposure to Health Effects Model (PLETHEM) - Continued Platform Development   (pdf) Clewell, Harvey J. III ScitoVation
Improve Chemical Safety Testing Technologies: Design Fit-for-Purpose Assays and Advance Data Interpretation
Development of Fit-For-Purpose Multifunctional Liver Co-Culture System   (pdf) Hartman, Jessica ScitoVation
Linking Liver Bioreactor to Fit-For-Purpose Cellular Assay Systems to Develop Integrated In Vitro Toxicity Testing Systems   (pdf) Phillips, Martin ScitoVation
Predicting Mode of Action from Toxicogenonomic Data   (pdf) McMullen, Patrick ScitoVation
Review the Current State of Emerging Areas of Science
Fit-For-Purpose Assays   (pdf) Hartman, Jessica ScitoVation
Non-Targeted Exposure Analysis   (pdf) Enders, Jeff ScitoVation
Address Topical Challenges Faced by the Chemical Industry: Novel Techniques and Tools
Fit-For-Purpose In Vitro Assays As Tier 2 In Chemical Prioritization And Risk-Based Decision Making – Example with Estrogenic Compounds   (pdf) Clewell, Rebecca ScitoVation
High Throughput In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation (HT-IVIVE) for Supporting Tier 1 Prioritization Using the PLETHEM Platform   (pdf) Moreau, Marjory ScitoVation
Use of Exposure and Bioactivity Predictions for Rapid Prioritization of Chemicals for Further Testing   (pdf) Clewell, Harvey J. III ScitoVation