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Project abstracts are a primary source of information regarding the status and progress for LRI’s currently funded projects. These abstracts are provided each year by the principal investigators as a key part of their research agreement with LRI. Links to abstracts for each of these projects are located at the end of the project titles in the list below. Archives of final abstracts submitted for all completed projects can be found using the link located under the Search field to the right.

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Current LRI Research Project Portfolio: 16   


Project DescriptionPrincipal
Advance Understanding of Consumer Exposures: Predictive Models for Generating Exposure Estimates
Feasibility Study to Investigate the Potential to Use Analysis of Pooled Banked Blood Samples to Augment Exposure Estimations for Integration with High-Throughput Biological Activity Assays for Risk-Based Prioritization and Screening   (docx) Aylward, Lesa Summit Toxicology
Improving Exposure Models and Integrating Exposure and Risk Information for High-Throughput Chemical Screening (Prioritization) and Higher Tiered Assessments   (docx) Arnot, Jon ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc.
ExpoDAT: Tier 2 Chemical Screening   (docx) Arnot, Jon;
Bennett, Deborah;
Jolliet, Olivier
ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc.;
University of California, Davis;
University of Michigan
Integrate Hazard and Exposure to Assess Risks from Chemicals: New Tools for Linking the Data
Bridging the Divide between Hazard and Risk: Strategies to Inform and Refine External Exposure Prediction Tools   (docx) Wetmore, Barbara ScitoVation
Quantitative Bias Assessment for Epidemiological Associations of Chemical Exposure with Human Health Effects   (docx) Yoon, Miyoung ScitoVation
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Exposure Estimates and Measured Biomarkers for Persistent Lipophilic Chemicals, Non-Persistent Chemicals and Cumulative Exposures   (docx) Cambell, Jerry ScitoVation
Development and Application of Liver Bioreactor to Rapidly Estimate Metabolism Parameters   (docx) Yoon, Miyoung ScitoVation
Development of a Population Lifecourse Exposure to Health-Effect Modeling Suite (“EpiSim”)   (docx) Clewell, Harvey J. III ScitoVation
Improve Chemical Safety Testing Technologies: Design Fit-for-Purpose Assays and Advance Data Interpretation
Multi-tissue Bioreactor   (docx) Yoon, Miyoung ScitoVation
Development of Species-Specific Primary Hepatocyte Nuclear Translocation Assays for High-Content Imaging   (docx) Deisenroth, Chad ScitoVation
Development of An In Vitro High-Content Imaging Assay for Quantitative Assessment of Nuclear Receptor Mediated Hepatocyte Proliferation   (docx) Deisenroth, Chad ScitoVation
Validation of a High Content Imaging Assay for Steatosis and Phospholipidosis in a Micropatterned Human Hepatocyte Co-Culture Model   (docx) Wolf, Kristina ScitoVation
Screening ToxCastTM Prioritized Chemicals for PPARG Function in a Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Model of Adipogenesis   (docx) Deisenroth, Chad ScitoVation
Developing In Vitro Assays for Endocrine-Related Activities to Guide Risk Assessment   (docx) Clewell, Rebecca ScitoVation
Assessing the Relevance of ToxCast High-Throughput Screening for Informing Toxicity Testing   (docx) Wetmore, Barbara ScitoVation
Integrated Testing and Data-Driven Frameworks for Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessments   (docx) Andersen, Mel ScitoVation