Abstracts for Current Projects

Project abstracts are a primary source of information regarding the status and progress for LRI’s currently funded projects. These abstracts are provided each year by the principal investigators as a key part of their research agreement with LRI. Links to abstracts for each of these projects are located at the end of the project titles in the list below. See the ACC Research Catalog to access publications from current and past LRI research projects.

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Current LRI Research Project Portfolio: 10   


Project DescriptionPrincipal
Advance Understanding of Consumer Exposures: Predictive Models for Generating Exposure Estimates
Comparing Estimates of Chemical Use Between Two Separate Databases: the Euromonitor U.S. Dataset and the EPA’s CPDat   (pdf) Gouin, Todd TG Environmental Research
EAS-E Suite Phase 1 Proof of Concept: Integrating different dermal exposure models with tiered PBPK models   (pdf) Arnot, Jon ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc.
Improving Exposure Models and Integrating Exposure and Risk Information for High-Throughput Chemical Screening (Prioritization) and Higher Tiered Assessments   (pdf) Arnot, Jon ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc.
Integrate Hazard and Exposure to Assess Risks from Chemicals: New Tools for Linking the Data
Population Life-course Exposure to Health Effects Model (PLETHEM) - Continued Platform Development   (pdf) Pendse, Salil ScitoVation
Improve Chemical Safety Testing Technologies: Design Fit-for-Purpose Assays and Advance Data Interpretation
Development of Fit-For-Purpose Multifunctional Liver Co-Culture System   (pdf) McMullen, Patrick ScitoVation
Development of a fit-for-purpose in vitro model of lung toxicity   (pdf) Slattery, Scott ScitoVation
Predicting Mode of Action from Toxicogenonomic Data   (pdf) McMullen, Patrick ScitoVation
Address Topical Challenges Faced by the Chemical Industry: Novel Techniques and Tools
Developing In Vitro Metabolic Clearance Data to Support Development of the Internal Threshold of Toxicological Concern (iTTC)   (pdf) Black, Sherry RTI
Evaluation of USEPA’s Generalized Read-Across (GenRA) and Selected Example Case Studies to Identify Challenges and Recommendations to Consider for GenRA Improvements   (pdf) Borghoff, Susan ToxStrategies
Survey and Development of a Peer Review Process for Exposure Models   (pdf) Hays, Sean SciPinion